What Patients Say

This is what some of Sakina Consultations' patients have to say about Homœopathy in their own words. For confidentiality purposes, their names have been omitted. 

"My experience with Homœopathy was amazing. I suffered from hay fever and used to stay on anti-histamines for 3 months with no good result. After I was treated with homeopathy by Sara I got over the symptoms and spent a wonderful summer." (A.S.)

"Coincidence led me to Sara to learn about Homœopathy, and it was a superb one.  When I went to see Sara I was suffering from irritable skin eczema and didn't want to take any medication. It was so annoying and embarrassing as it was itching most of the time.  I was so happy to learn that Homœopathy will not only cure my eczema but many other issues my body and mind were going through.  I started with my remedy almost a month ago and the progress is amazing; my eczema is almost gone, no more itching red skin.  I learned that the remedy will not only cure my eczema but the other issues my body was going through like water retention and swelling ankles and feet.  Finally today I was able to wear a short dress with confidence.  I'm loving my journey with Sara and Homœopathy, can't wait to reach higher levels of improvement.  I'm so grateful for the coincidence that led me to Sara." (Z.M.) 

"I want to thank you for what you have done to me.  I don't know what I could have done without your help.  I knew conventional medicine could not understand my complaint and therefore can't cure it.  I had a squeezing painful pressure on my neck and throat because I wasn't telling my truth and you prescribed a pill mainly against swallowing indignation and it worked.  My tongue is untangled and it's easier for me to voice my opinion now.  Thank you."  (I.B.)

"My son had a problem concentrating in his classrooms at school. His teachers would continuously tell me about his lack of concentration and focus in class. As a result, he wasn't doing well at school. Medication was recommended, but I was reluctant to subject him to medicinal pills. I had read and heard so much about the negative side effects that all these pills have.  I decided to take my son to Sara because I had heard that she is a Homœopath. Sara assured me that she can help my son.  After a relatively short period, I and my son's teachers began to notice a remarkable improvement in his situation. I knew we were doing something right when his teachers would call me to ask me what exactly did we do for my son to have improved so much! He now concentrates and focuses on his studies, and his grades at school improved tremendously. Today, he is so much more confident and happy.  Words can never express how grateful I am to Sara. I can never thank her enough. I would recommend to all you loving parents to give the gift of Homœopathy before trying anything else." (A.A.)

“Homœopathy is the safest treatment during menopause. I responded wonderfully to the treatment.”  (R.A.)

“I am not very familiar with Homœopathy, and I would like to read more about it. What encouraged me mainly, was my trust in Sara. It was a great experience to open up to her and to take the remedy she recommended. For me, the remedy's effect was immediate. I would like to continue my journey in Homœopathy.” (H.B.)

"Let me begin by admitting that I was never a firm believer in Homœopathy...rather believed and relied strongly on the world of pharmaceuticals! From very early on my daughter suffered from bouts of croup and bronchitis, usually as result of her allergies. After a 3 month stretch of a daily dose of Singulair I thought it was enough. That's when I went to Sara and that's how I became a believer! Armed with lengthy information from a  thorough consultation, Sara prescribed a remedy for my daughter that not only focused on her allergies but on her severe constipation (we also spent a good 3 months on daily doses of mild laxatives) and a minor skin problem. I'm so grateful to Sara. Constipation is no longer a problem, the Keratosis Pilaris that was once all over my daughter's upper arms and thighs has cleared and the allergies are finally under control! Instead of the once daily dose of Singulair, my daughter takes her remedy about once every 3 months or when her allergy symptoms begin. I'm also grateful we have been croup and bronchitis free for a while now. Sara's calm temperament and amazing ability to connect with kids made the whole process a smooth and successful experience."  (N.B.)

“Your treatment did wonders for my son. I never have to live with hearing, “Mama I'm in pain" when I couldn't do much about it before. I love it that my son is healthier now, with much more regular bowel movement, and that he feels so much more comfortable. I never worry about his food, nor when I see his bloated stomach, cause I know our treatment worked. Thank you for helping my son.” (M.B.)

"My first visit to Sara's was a year and half ago searching for a cure for my sleeping disorder and constant dizziness and headaches. Not only did Sara offer an effective remedy but she also provided a very welcoming and warm atmosphere in which I was able to comfortably reach out to her. The satisfying results attained after a short period of time are still evident today. I'm very grateful to have known Sara and to have benefited from her on my journey to wellness." (Z.D.) 

"I'm new to Homœopathy, but in one single month, I can see a big improvement. I went for a consultation about my chronic sinusitis and ended up clearing a whole bunch of other issues, both physical and emotional! I love that homeopathy takes a natural approach to well being. I will be relying on Homœopathy to keep me healthy!"  (N.A.)

"I first sought out Homœopathy after I was afflicted with a severe chronic case of hives. To my horror, I discovered that the only solution was to take an antihistamine every 2 days. Searching on the Internet, I found persons with chronic hives, just like mine,  suffering for up to 9 years. Before I made an appointment with Sara I had already had hives for 5 months. My life was tremendously disrupted and I never felt "quite right". When I first consulted Sara I was very skeptical about the results. I did not think my condition could be cured. After Sara gave me a remedy, my antihistamine dosage started to slowly decrease, until finally I was hive free and started to feel in sync in my life." (T.K.)

“I am no longer restless! and I love it!”  (H.B.)

“Even though I didn't really understand how this was going to help my son, I'm so glad we did it! I see how much more relaxed, confident and happy my son has been since the treatment and the best part is that there is no complaining every morning :) thanks to you.” (N.A.)

“Homœopathy helped me in knowing and understanding the cause of my ailments so I was able to deal with the cure.” (W.M.)

“Homœopathy has made a major difference in my son's life by directly improving his immune system.  His challenges with anxiety have almost disappeared, and he has not been sick in months despite a chronic susceptibility to lung infections. Homœopathy will always be my first step in addressing any medical issue in our family.” (W.H.)

"I trusted Sara with the most annoying problems in my life and I finally found relief from my allergies and thyroid in Homœopathy . Her approach was very professional and her care and continuous follow ups made me feel very comfortable. I'm very thankful to have replaced conventional medicine with Homœopathy because the results were outstanding." (Y.A.)